Print„Village in a Puzzle” is a multilateral 1.1 youth exchange sponsored by the European Commission through the Youth in Action Programme and was organized in a beautiful and quite isolated rural area from the North of Romania, away from big cities and closer to old traditions and legends, called Poiana Negrii. Between 20 and 29 March 2014, 38 young people and 6 leaders from Romania, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Croatia and Poland, with an interest in the main topic of the exchange, the rural space seen through the eyes of young people in today’s society, exchanged opinions, interacted, shared and gained more knowledge about the topic and about themselves.

 They discovered traditions and values from the Romanian rural society, while at the same time comparing it with their experiences in their home communities. They were able to look at the differences between rural and urban areas, discussing advantages and disadvantages.

Main objectives of “Village in a Puzzle”:

– Stimulating young people to understand better the rural space and find different points of view for its elements;

– Facilitating intercultural dialogue between 44 European youngsters from 6 different countries, using non-formal methods of education, with a special focus on national rural traditions and customs;

– Collecting 100 photos taken by the participants during the activities, photos that reflect the rural life of Romania as seen through the eyes of a foreigner. Each participant had the possibility to present its own vision based on personal experiences.

– Creating and sharing a variety of videos through the group work of the participants that express different points of view connected to the Romanian village realities;

– Multiplication of the photo exhibitions into the local communities of the partners involved, in order to share realities and exchange experiences.

The activities were in general highly interactive, based on non-formal education methods, and consisted of team-building games, outdoor discovery games, PhotoVoice, video creation, artistic presentations, brainstorming, debate session, cultural nights, study trips, cultural tour, etc.